College Admissions

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for High School Students

By Tonya DuBois

With 2020 behind us (whew!), let’s look ahead toward 2021 with optimism and enthusiasm, and our future goals in mind.

Below are the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for high school students who aspire to apply to college. By accomplishing these 10 goals this year, they will be well-poised to tackle the college application process with ease.

1. I will find ways to connect with individuals and with my community, even if things are still virtual for a while.
2. I will take the most challenging coursework possible and work hard toward achieving A’s in order to set myself up for success.
3. I will work on developing my “personal brand” and will align all my activities/electives/community service with my most significant skills, interests, and talents.
4. I will spend time each week studying for the SAT or ACT. (Florida students: If this year taught anything it’s that you WILL need these test scores here in Florida…no matter what!)
5. I will get to know my high school counselor, since he/she is required to write a college letter of recommendation for me.
6. I will research colleges and visit – either virtually or in person – and I will consider even those I’ve never heard of before.
7. I will keep an open mind and consider a wide range of colleges – big, small, private, public, near, far, urban, suburban.
8. I will ensure that I am making an impact in my community and working toward the 100 hours of community service that I’ll need for many college scholarships (including Florida’s Bright Future Scholarship).
9. I will seek out free resources to prepare me for the college search and application process, including the financial aid process.
10. I will aim high while also setting realistic expectations for myself.

If high school students can accomplish these 10 goals this year, they will be on the path to success as they approach the college search and application process.