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As your student is entering high school

 you are making important choices every day that will have an impact on the your student’s college application – coursework selection, extra-curricular participation, jobs/internship opportunities, and teacher relationships.  This is the time to understand how to best position your high school student to be competitive in the college admission process.


Parents often make a decision to work with a private college counselor to ensure that they are making the right decisions throughout high school, staying on course for the college application process, and not missing any important steps or deadlines.

Charting Your Course

A private college counselor will layout a roadmap for students early in their high school years that will help families to make strategic choices - choices that are best for the student's high school experience, while also helping him or her stand out on the college application.

Where to Begin

When it comes time to start searching for the right college, many families ask, “Where do I even begin?” This is where an expert can help. There are 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. alone. Together we can pinpoint your student's interests, talents, goals, and achievements and identify a manageable list of colleges that provide the best fit. In the early years of high school, we will also start to develop the student’s “personal brand,” strategically aligning coursework, extra-curricular activities and internships/service opportunities to best tell each student’s individual story.

Time to Apply

When it's time to apply, we will assist with application consolidation, timeline management, essay brainstorming, application review, college interview preparation, financial aid and scholarship guidance, helping families to navigate this complex application process.

A recent study found that nearly 26% of high school students seeking a four-year college are now using private consultants.*

* study conducted by Lipman Hearne

What is the alternative?

According to a study by the Department of Education, public high school students in the U.S. receive an average of just 38 minutes of college counseling per year, and the average student to counselor ratio across the U.S. is over 400:1 (National Association of College Admission Counselors). All too often, these school counselors have college counseling as only one component of their job; they are not college counseling experts.

By contrast, as a client of Windstar College Counseling, you will have unlimited access to an expert throughout the course of the high school years. In addition to regular tips, timelines, resources, and webinars, individualized college counseling clients will receive unlimited customized support for their student’s college search and application needs.

As you plan for your child’s future, I hope you will consider having an expert help you navigate the college search and application process. As this terrain becomes more complex and competitive, it will give you peace of mind to have the personal guidance of a qualified and committed college counseling professional.

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