College Admissions

Why Hire a Private College Counselor?

By Tonya DuBois

In the counties where I live and work, the average high school student to counselor ratio is 300 to 1. And, most of these counselors have many more responsibilities beyond college counseling. I, on the other hand, never work with more than a dozen students at each grade level at one time, and am available to you all year round.

Here are some ways that the one-on-one attention of a Private College Counselor can help you. The Counselor will:

• Get to know the student and the family and understand the student’s ambitions, which will help to identify the best-fit schools, tailored to meet his/her needs.
• Give you guidance on which schools are safety, target, and reach schools so that you can develop a strategic list of schools to consider.
• Lay out a step-by-step plan to reduce stress and ensure that you don’t miss any important deadlines.
• Strategically plan high school course work and standardized testing schedules.
• Brainstorm essay topics with you and provide feedback on drafts.
• Assist you in preparing for on-campus interviews by conducting mock interviews and by providing you with a list of commonly asked questions.
• Lay-out a plan on how you can “demonstrate interest” to a college.
• Identify jobs/internships/community service opportunities that complement the student’s interests, talents, and ambitions.
• Help you build an extra-curricular resume.
• Develop a customized application strategy for each student, depending on his/her academic achievement, special talents, and educational goals.
• Evaluate offers of admission and provide guidance on wait list or deferral strategies.
• Provide unlimited support.

Private College Counselors, who are actively involved in their profession, stay up-to-date on industry trends and changes. Since so much has changed since when Mom or Dad applied to college, it’s important to receive expert guidance on this constantly-changing college application process. To see how I can help, please message me on Facebook, or send an e-mail to: